Filmmaker of Season 4

Cédrick Spinassou (France)
Director of short film "The Temporal Anomaly"

Cédrick Spinassou

At first glance, nothing predestined Cédrick to become an author, actor and director. Graduated engineer Arts and Crafts (ENSAM Lille), then engineer works at Eurovia for 2 years, he could have had a career all traced in construction. But that would have been without counting on his devouring passion for artistic creation. Ever since he was a child, he loved acting, creating and inventing stories. During his teenage years, every summer, with his childhood friends, Cédrick made amateur short or medium-length films (at the time with a HI8 camera, two VCRs and a mixer). At arts and crafts, while taking acting classes, he manages his school's video workshop and directed more than thirty amateur short films.

But his real tipping is made, thanks to his various teachers who gives him confidence and pushes him to make this turn 180 degrees. Thus, in November 2003, following the proposal of the management of the company LA REINE BLANCHE, Cédrick left his life as an engineer to become a complete artist. Since then he has lived on his passion at two hundred percent.