Welcome to SSIOFF

Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival (SSIOFF) is an international filmmaking event with screenings on online platforms as youtube or vimeo. We believe, that monthly screenings of winning films online will reach a wider audience than conventional annual live screenings, and help filmmakers reach new connections in the film industry. SSIOFF cooperates with other international film festivals, directors and screenwriters and will gladly help connect the best filmmakers with distribution companies.

We accept projects from all genres and are looking for creativity and originality that may also be linked to serious topics of our society such as overpopulation, climate change, hunger or civil rights. We also want to give opportunities to filmmakers from under-represented groups, or poverty affected regions.

Seasonal official selection as well as seasonal winners will be announced at our website at the end of the month. Online screening event will be held on the last day of the month and will be shared at our website and social media.

Digital certificates will be sent to the seasonal winners. The best project of the season will be awarded by public space on our website here and instagram.

Winners of the third season have been announced!

Rules and Terms

  • Entrant confirms having all rights over the submitted entry
  • Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival (SSIOFF) may use the trailer/poster or segments of the submitted entry for promotional purposes
  • SSIOFF may use the information sent by submitting the entry e.g. names of the authors, directors or the name of the submitted entry for promotional purposes
  • Entry fees are non refundable
  • Non-English entries must contain English subtitles
  • The decisions of SSIOFF selection committee are final
  • SSIOFF reserves the right not to award a category or categories